What the Jan. 6 Commission Can’t Do

Change anyone's mind.

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What the Jan. 6 Commission Can’t Do

SHAY KHATIRI: It can find facts and make recommendations, but it’s not going to change anyone’s mind.

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Tim Miller on Performative Nonsense

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the mask wars, and the GOP’s fight against the 1/6 commission, and their phony performative nonsense.

Three Cheers for Moderation

Brink Lindsey discusses his essay on the importance of moderation. The group also addresses the January 6 commission and the Gaza conflict.

AFV: Episode 12: Is Everybody Dead? (Season 2, Episodes 11 & 12)

Sarah and Ben discuss the relationship drama of the last two episodes of Season 2. Plus, the future of the show.

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CHARLIE SYKES: The GOP runs away from accountability

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Sarah has comms advice for Dems. JVL has a Peloton.

SCREEN TIME: 'The Woman in the Window' Review 🔓

Plus: Why China remains a bigger story than the MGM-Amazon or Warners-Discovery deals

THE TRIAD: And Now For Something Really Depressing 🔐

JVL: The future is bleak.

TNB: The Jan. 6 Commission Edition 🔐

Sarah, Charlie, Amanda, JVL talk about the 1/6 commission.

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What Happens When the Music Stops?

R. MARSHALL BRANDT: Economic booms don’t last forever. Will this boom end like 1998 or 2008?

Not My Party: Stop Trying to Make Mask Wars a Thing

TIM MILLER: Pandemic countermeasures shouldn't become partisan talismans.


Happy Friday. I’m going to keep this short because we already have a lot of great Bulwark content. But would it surprise you to know that Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t really get HIPAA?

Is the ammo shortage ever going to end? Stephen Gutowski reports.

Charlie Sykes on the future of the GOP on Washington Journal. If you ever want to know what working on the hill is like, just imagine this: the people who get rejected comprise every other call.

Make sure you earmark a half hour for this.


The woman killed herself a few years later.

The GOP showing their true colors…

Heck, look at how Lindsey Graham has caved…

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