What Trump 2016 Swing-State Voters Had to Say About the Debate

They have thoughts about Trump's debate meltdown.

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Listen to What Trump 2016 Swing-State Voters Had to Say About the Debate

Sarah Longwell: Nine women. All from swing states. All 2016 Trump voters. And they have thoughts about Trump's debate meltdown.


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David Byler Breaks Down the 2020 Polls

Our old pal and former TWS colleague David Byler joins Charlie Sykes to break down the latest 2020 polls. Who did voters think won the debate? What are things looking like in key races and states? And what’s the difference between a battleground and a tipping point state?

Zack Stentz on Camp Cretaceous, Rim of the World, and Netflix

This week, Sonny talks to Zack Stentz (“X-Men: First Class,” “Thor,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) about his work with Netflix on the film “Rim of the World” and the hit new show, “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.”

What’s it like pitching the service that has everything? How is the world of TV evolving as different streaming services aim for different markets? And how can filmmakers working with kids protect them from being exploited?

Realistic Nightmare

Tim Miller’s hit weekly Snapchat show is back. You can subscribe if you’re a hip youth who uses such apps, or you can watch here.

Disputandum Vox Populi

On our members-only secret podcast, Sarah reports back from a post-debate focus group. JVL drinks in the wisdom of the great and good American people.

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Three Errors About Trump (and An Encouraging Truth)

David Shaywitz: Why Biden should embrace political heterodoxy and not demand ideological purity.

Reaching the ‘Bannon Line’

Mike Madrid: The threshold necessary to secure Trump’s defeat.

The “Very Fine People” President

Robert Tracinski: Trump’s unwillingness to condemn racists and right-wing zealots three years ago in Charlottesville has turned into a persistent pattern—and it is now revealed as part of a larger agenda that marks the ambitions of an aspiring tyrant.


We made it! Oh, crap. It’s only Thursday?

This week has felt like a month, and at least I have the birthday of my twins to look forward to this weekend. But if you’re thinking this week lasted longer than recent weeks, you’re not alone.

Do you know what today marks? The beginning of decorative gourd season. (And if you want some back story on the now-famous item, I’ve got you covered.)

Strange Missouri history. Namely, this photo:

It’s from September 30, 1970, when a striking Teamster shot at a truck being driven by a “scab” who crossed picket lines. And the truck was filled with explosives.

Very Nice! The new Borat movie trailer is here. And it is going to be amazing. It is not safe for work, as you can imagine.

I didn’t realize that Cohen pulled a stunt at CPAC, and apparently nobody else did until today.

Senators are targeting Hollywood over ‘Cuties’ and China. They should avoid these mistakes. Writing in The Washington Post, Sonny Bunch has some advice for our betters:

Today’s lawmakers should think hard about what they want, beyond merely scoring political points at Hollywood’s expense. Otherwise, they may end up characters in the story they hoped to write — and the roles won’t be so flattering.

Wohl & Burkman face more trouble. The AP is reporting that the troll duo are apparently facing felony charges in Michigan.

Bad communications strategy. Apparently the Trump men and Trump women aren’t getting the same marching orders. That, or the Trump men are bad people. Could just be me though.

Most ambitious crossover ever? A writer for American Greatness and Townhall, as Lachlan Markay points out, promoted a Russian Troll Farm operation that ran her stuff. Because when I think of legit news operations, I think of names like “Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens.” Doesn’t sound suspicious at all. Read more about the NAEBC site in The Daily Beast.

John Roberts has had enough. After deflection about denouncing white supremacists from WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany today in the press room, Roberts said live on FOX: "Stop deflecting. Stop blaming the media. I'm tired of it.” Tune into Tucker Carlson later tonight to see what he has to say.

Speaking of Tucker… You can’t trust Tucker on facts… A lawyer for Fox News made this argument in a court of law and a judge accepted it.

How Frozen Beef Sheets took over Brand Twitter. A look at the Steak-umm account and why it’s become a sensation.

Going out fighting. Iowa Rep. Steve King, a lame duck, seems to be hell bent on protecting his, uh, legacy.

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