What We Lost When the GOP Lost Itself

MONA CHAREN on why they’re discrediting worthy conservative ideas.


How the Great Chicago Fire haunted the O’Leary’s for generations.

A must read at the Chicago Tribune:

There were children, then grandchildren, then great-grandchildren. The O’Learys became Knights, O’Connors, Neesons, Kopfmans and Fords, among others. They were teachers, carpenters and even a few firefighters.

Many remained in the Chicago area, while others relocated. Some family members keep contact with cousins, but connections between long disparate relatives were lost. To this day, several surviving branches of the family remain estranged.

“I don’t think there’s any animosity, but we have just never connected,” Connolly said. O’Gara said her aunts spoke of at least one visit from their Aunt Ledwell in their childhood.

“They were taken out of the room a lot (when older relatives visited), she said. There was a lot of shame involved when they would come over. There was a lot of secrets and they weren’t sure what was going on, and kids were just sent out of the room,” O’Gara said.

Another O’Leary relative declined to be interviewed by the Tribune, saying she and her cousins would honor an age-old tradition of not speaking publicly about the fire.

Both O’Gara and Connolly, who have never met, said they saw parallels between the treatment of their family and the anger shown toward immigrants today.

“In those days, the papers could print whatever they wanted and you didn’t have to worry about a lawsuit,” Conolly said. “I mean they were immigrants, for God’s sake, and who’s going to stand up for them?”

Knight said she plans to mark the anniversary with family and reflect on what her family endured. “I do think there was shame, but I don’t feel it. I’m very proud to be Irish,” Knight said. “I feel sad for (Catherine O’Leary). I wish she was alive to see all of this, how it all turned out.

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What We Lost When the GOP Lost Itself

MONA CHAREN on why they’re discrediting worthy conservative ideas.

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