What’s the Downside of Humoring Him . . . Still? 

Tim Miller on why That Former Guy and the GOP's redux.

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What’s the Downside of Humoring Him . . . Still? 

TIM MILLER: It’s happening all over again.

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Denver Riggleman on Bamboo Ballots and 'Cyber Ninjas'

On today’s Bulwark podcast, former Congressman Denver Riggleman joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Congress and the “integrity gene”, Arizona’s ‘cyber ninja’ search for bamboo ballots, Liz Cheney, Elise Stefanik and the House GOP power struggle, and why we need an insurrection commission.

BGTH: Jesse Nelson of Diabolik DVD Discusses the Boutique Blu-ray Biz

This week Sonny is pleased to be joined by Jesse Nelson, the co-owner of Diabolik DVD and Cauldron Films

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MORNING SHOTS: "Move On," They Said 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on Rationalizing the Cheney purge

THE TRIAD: Catholics Have a Rad Trad Problem 🔓

JVL: All of this has happened before. And all of it will happen again.

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Not My Party: Your Q to Leave

TIM MILLER: Q-drops, frazzledrip, and the crazy conspiracy coming to South Carolina—and Republican politicians near you.

Anti-Vaccine and Anti-Democracy

BRIAN KAREM: Two big national problems rolled into one.

Could Biden’s Spending Cost Democrats in the Midterms?

DESMOND LACHMAN: An overstimulated economy could crash right before the 2022 elections.


Throwback Thursday… Two years ago today, I solved the puzzle. (And yes, I have horrible handwriting.)

She’s just asking questions!

A confederacy of dunces…

The future of pasta? This NYT item on pasta is well worth the read. If it can be scaled, it will result in massive transportation and packaging savings for pasta. We’ll see. I look forward to trying it!

Amanda Carpenter activates beast mode. Earlier today on CNN, our colleague Amanda unleashed the fury, and it is fantastic.

Josh Hawley is parodying Lisa Kudrow parodying people like him. It’s kind of amazing. Really.

This is the GOP’s likely new conference chairman. (And unless you ever worked in Congress, you probably have no idea what the conference chair even does.)

Like clockwork, some, like Henry Olsen, are arguing that Elise is just what the GOP needs. Really?

The GOP has “work to do.” But wouldn’t you know… a week later “so long as the House Republican caucus is unwilling or unable to break with Trump... the caucus's leadership may as well reflect that."

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