Why Is the Virginia Governor’s Race So Close?

Amanda Carpenter: McAuliffe is running against Trump. Youngkin is running on education.

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Why Is the Virginia Governor’s Race So Close?

AMANDA CARPENTER: McAuliffe is running against Trump. Youngkin is running on education.

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Bill Kristol: Democrats, Please Don't Let a Political Meteor Hit Us Again

Republicans have no agenda beyond denying the truth about 2020, and changing election rules. But if the Democrats can't get it together, there could be a Trumpian restoration. Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.

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CHARLIE SYKES on Progressives behaving badly

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I’m on assignment today… So today’s OVERTIME will be shorter than usual.

Our friend Lynn Schmidt has a great op-ed in the St. Louis Post-DispatchHer take on the Build Back Better fight? The progressives are asking for too much.

Lt. Gov Patrick Pays the Libs… As the Dallas Morning News reports, his famous offer of bounties for proof of election fraud ended up with him paying… a Democrat.

Another silly entrant emerges…

If you’re counting, this is in addition to Josh Mandel, J.D. Vance, Jane Timkin, Matt Dolan, Bernie Moreno, and a handful of other people you have never heard of. Reminds me of a student government election where too many candidates divide the vote and most people go away unhappy.

Shady moves by Rep. Jim Banks…

I’m sure the Biden administration gave this all the seriousness it deserves.

Donald Trump Does a SPAC Deal… Read Matt Levine’s Money Stuff in Bloomberg on the new Trump social media network. It’s a fantastic read, and here’s the kernel to pay attention to:

My guess is that the stock will not be particularly correlated with the stocks of other media or technology companies. My guess is that the stock will go up when Trump is on television, or if he announces that he’s running for president again. My guess is that if something bad happens to Trump — if he’s sued or arrested or banned by a new tech company or some new scandal comes out — then that will also make the stock go up, to own the libs or whatever. My guess is that each day that goes by without Trump news, the stock will go down a bit. My guess is that the stock is essentially a bet on Trump’s personal newsiness, on Trump-news volatility.

Consultants, pick your side… Liz Cheney or Kevin McCarthy.

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