Why the Biden DOJ Should Be Hesitant to Use ‘Consent Decrees’

Daniel McGraw argues that federal intrusions into local police matters can be warranted, but they are often resented by voters.

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Why the Biden DOJ Should Be Hesitant to Use ‘Consent Decrees’

DANIEL MCGRAW: Federal intrusions into local police matters can be warranted, but they are often resented by the swing states targeted by the DOJ.

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Clarence Thomas Attacks Big Tech and Anti-Anti-Chauvinism

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Benjamin Parker joins Charlie Sykes to discuss anti-anti-Chauvinism, and Berin Szóka joins to talk about Justice Thomas’s bizarre concurrence in a case that SCOTUS deemed moot.

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COVID-19’s Silver Linings

MONA CHAREN: As the return of normal life dawns, let’s consider what changes to keep.

Chauvin Trial Takeaway: We Have to Get Better at Trying Police

KIMBERLY WEHLE: Existing criminal laws are just not designed for holding them accountable. State legislators need to step up.


BENJAMIN PARKER: Conservative trolls are the REAL victims!


Happy Wednesday! As predicted, the twins did not like the goulash. And my test run of a recipe I hoped to use for a family vacation later this year yielded so much food, I had a catering tray’s worth for a neighbor. If you own a RV or go camping, I highly recommend the Can Cooker. While I don’t get to go camping or RVing, I really like it for road trips and saving space on the grill to steam potatoes or corn. It’s a very midwestern thing, based on the Nebraska cream can cooking method. A friend joked when I posted pictures that I was the most midwestern person she knew.

I got a laugh out of that…

But then I watched Ted Lasso. Normally, I let my wife watch her shows on our internet connected television, but as I have the house to myself because of a work trip, I got to do something I did in the before times: binge. I watched half of the first season of Ted Lasso, and it’s fantastic. And he is way more midwestern than I am. And I appreciate his taste in BBQ sauce. You can’t beat Arthur Bryant’s. It is a fantastic show.

CICADAS ARE HERE! Last night as I walked my dog, he was very alert and startled to hear this.

Several juries are still out. A look at how cartoonists responded to the Chauvin trial, and the resulting jury decision.

Did they think this was going to work? I don’t know what Gov. DeSantis was thinking, but having a law enforcement officer tell me about my voting habits doesn’t seem likely to sway me.

Red states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida are scared. They don’t want to become Virginia. And not even the Polk County Sheriff can stop it. I live in Virginia, and it’s pretty nice.

Tucker’s pre-emptive strike. You knew something bad was coming when the FOX NEWS host preemptively attacked a Washington Post journalist who asked him about his high school yearbook.

You can see why:

As the Chauvin jury rendered their verdict… A teenager was shot in Columbus, Ohio. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGERY.) We’re going to learn a lot more about Ma'Khia Bryant, the young girl who was shot and killed in the coming days. But in a lot of places, like Caron Nazario in Windsor, VA, it took us months to see the footage. Columbus handled the response to this shooting this quite well, I think.

The culture war continues… Republicans think this is going to work out for them? I guess we’ll see.

Unpopular opinion. “French Tacos” are just hot pockets.

The USPS is watching. Don’t underestimate the Postal Inspection Service.

Into the MAGAverse… Join Jordan Klepper in a trip down memory lane…

The customer is not always right… As a former retail worker, this really hits home. (It also applies to journalism and punditry.)

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